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We admit it. Supplements can be a pretty intimidating for the uninitiated. Whether it’s in the sweat-drenched, testosterone-fueled weights section of the gym, or the jargon-filled world of a vitamin and nutrition store, the whole experience can be a little daunting for a first-timer. Anyone new to supplements can quickly become bogged down in a mire of acronyms and mildly terrifying scientific compounds. PCT, BCAA, whey, nitric oxide, prohormones – what do they all mean?


We all have an inherent fear of being made to look foolish. Nobody wants to go to the nutrition store or gym and ask what may be a blindingly obvious question. Of course, the internet is full of information, some good some bad and all too willing to answer any questions you have. But that nagging fear still remains, and most of us are unwilling to admit total ignorance. Let us help eliminate your fear.  Our experts will set down with you and explain the need for supplements, the supplements you need, the amounts and time to take each supplements.  Let Revived Vitality remove the fear and barrier to success.

Revived Vitality has partnered with Metagenics.  Metagenics is a leading supplement company whose focus is to promote a healthier lifestyle, which includes consuming the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients, exercising, staying active and managing life’s stressors, all with the ultimate goal of challenging the alarming increase in chronic illness. The products Metagenics creates are based on nutrigenomic research, which is comprised of studying food to determine health and disease patterns. Some of their most popular products are vitamin supplements and other products tailored toward chronic diseases or health aspects such as blood sugar, gastrointestinal health, immunity, bone and joint health, among many others. Metagenics can provide you with beneficial supplements and products that can push you to maintain great health and help prevent chronic illness, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

To view our website on Metagenics, simply click here:  RevivedVitality.Metagenics.Com

Frequently asked questions

I feel like an idiot when I go into the vitamin store? Isn’t there just a list of what I need to take?

Sure, the vitamin store can give you a long list of things to purchase and guess what this will do, make them richer and you no better off. This is why it is important to set down with our experts to learn what you need, why you need it and when you need it.

I have bad joints is there something I can take that will help me?

Absolutely. What is the point of having a great exercise plan only to leave the gym in more pain than when you came in. This only causes you to quit going to the gym. We can tailor design a supplement plan to your health needs. Why take something you don’t need or something that will not provide you benefit.

Aren’t all supplements companies the same?

Well I guess they are if you think all car companies are the same. They all make similar products, but what makes one stand out from the other? Quality and individuality. Quality in that they are held to the highest industry standards and individuality in that they are tailored to specific classes. What might work great for a man might perform poorly for a women and vice versa.

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