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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Both Men and Women experience hormone deficiencies and as a result are candidates for Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Women go through pre-menopause and menopause and can be hormone deficient and men often experience andropause which is often referred to as Low T.  There are treatment options available for both sexes ranging from Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) to HCG, progesterone, estrogen to Sermorelin Therapy.

Revived Vitality helps men and women understand and treat low hormone levels.

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What is Low T?

Women aren’t the only ones that experience a midlife hormonal decline!

Most people are aware that women experience a midlife hormonal decline called menopause but few people realize that men experience a very similar decline called andropause. Male testosterone levels begin dropping in their 20s and continue to drop until the end of their lives.  Many men experience dramatic changes to their overall well-being when they experience low testosterone levels.  The symptoms of low testosterone levels are a serious matter and can include lack of sex drive, depression, increase of abdominal fat, loss of lean mass and erectile dysfunction just to name a few.


The good news is that andropause can effectively be treated through proper testosterone therapy by our providers.

Hormone Replacement is a comprehensive process

Step 1: HRT Blood Panel

Step 2: HRT Provider Consultation & Examination

Step 3: Hormone Replacement Program

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