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Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatase Inhibitors such as Anastrozole is used in reducing estrogens, including estradiol in men.  Excessive estradiol in men can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia, gynecomastia (male breast development) and symptoms of hypogonadism.  When combined with testosterone, triglyceride levels decrease and testosterone levels increase at levels than with testosterone alone.

  • I am afraid of the gym; how can you help me overcome that fear?
    Fear is the main reason why most people either don’t go to the gym or quit the gym. Let’s face it, the gym can be an intimidating place. What does this machine do, what is this for, why are they so many people doing this exercise? Our team will take that fear away. With our one on one sessions our trainers will demonstrate how to safely and effectively use the tools that the gym provides and develop an individualized fitness plan. Fear no longer has to be a barrier to your success.
  • I am too busy to go to the gym.
    Well let’s add some more excuses, the gym is too expensive, it’s too far away, the hours don’t work. We have heard them all. Do you really think you are any busier than the people in the gym, of course you’re not? What they have that you lack it commitment. See the gym isn’t something they do, it is who they are. Allow us to help you become that person and you will quickly see all the reasons that have kept you out of the gym dwindle away.
  • I have, (insert your medical problem here)."
    Our fitness experts can develop a tailored plan that can incorporate all your health needs. Whether you have bad knees, back pain, joint aches or whatever the medical condition, your tailored made plan will put you on a pathway to success without causing you pain or injury.
  • What is the difference between total testosterone and free testosterone?
    As you might have guessed, total testosterone is all the testosterone in your body in any state, bound to SHBG or albumin. Free is what is on its own, what isn’t bound. Normally this is about two percent of all testosterone.
  • How often do I need my blood levels tested?
    On initial examination we test your levels, we check them again in around 10 weeks, then every six months afterwards. This allows us to closely monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.
  • Now I am more confused.
    Think of it this way. Free T and Total T is kind of like your body fat percentage and your weight. You might only weigh 175 pounds but if a third of that is body fat, you are probably not very healthy. The greater the free testosterone the greater the potential for greater results.
  • I have bad joints is there something I can take that will help me?
    Absolutely. What is the point of having a great exercise plan only to leave the gym in more pain than when you came in. This only causes you to quit going to the gym. We can tailor design a supplement plan to your health needs. Why take something you don’t need or something that will not provide you benefit.
  • Aren’t all supplements companies the same?
    Well I guess they are if you think all car companies are the same. They all make similar products, but what makes one stand out from the other? Quality and individuality. Quality in that they are held to the highest industry standards and individuality in that they are tailored to specific classes. What might work great for a man might perform poorly for a women and vice versa.
  • I feel like an idiot when I go into the vitamin store? Isn’t there just a list of what I need to take?
    Sure, the vitamin store can give you a long list of things to purchase and guess what this will do, make them richer and you no better off. This is why it is important to set down with our experts to learn what you need, why you need it and when you need it.

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