Exercise is often viewed as a necessary evil to weight management and fitness.  However, this is a personal mindset and doesn’t have to be this way.  Fitness isn’t a one size fits all.  There are many ways to achieve fitness.  Our fitness experts at Revived Vitality will sit down with you and customize a personal fitness plan to help you achieve your ultimate goals.


Fitness and exercise can be simple, if you allow it to be. Fat gaining is achieved when you consume more energy, in the form of calories, than you expend throughout the day. Fat cells are simply cells that store excess energy. The only way to get rid of that excess energy is through burning off more calories than you consume, plain and simple. In addition to proper nutrition, an achievable fitness plan will increase the effects of fat loss and give you more vitality.

Frequently asked questions

I am afraid of the gym; how can you help me overcome that fear?

Fear is the main reason why most people either don’t go to the gym or quit the gym. Let’s face it, the gym can be an intimidating place. What does this machine do, what is this for, why are they so many people doing this exercise? Our team will take that fear away. With our one on one sessions our trainers will demonstrate how to safely and effectively use the tools that the gym provides and develop an individualized fitness plan. Fear no longer has to be a barrier to your success.

I am too busy to go to the gym.

Well let’s add some more excuses, the gym is too expensive, it’s too far away, the hours don’t work. We have heard them all. Do you really think you are any busier than the people in the gym, of course you’re not? What they have that you lack it commitment. See the gym isn’t something they do, it is who they are. Allow us to help you become that person and you will quickly see all the reasons that have kept you out of the gym dwindle away.

I have, (insert your medical problem here).

Our fitness experts can develop a tailored plan that can incorporate all your health needs. Whether you have bad knees, back pain, joint aches or whatever the medical condition, your tailored made plan will put you on a pathway to success without causing you pain or injury.

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