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Revived Vitality has partnered with Truvidiy to offer comprehensive Health & Wellness Plans that focus on achieving long term success.  Truvidity offers  comprehensive health & wellness programs along with nutrition coaching to optimize health, wellness, and performance.


Live up to your health potential

Do you eat healthy, exercise, drink water, and destress….but still feel like there’s more you can do to improve your overall health and wellness?  Or maybe you’re just starting to take steps toward being more active and eating better to live a healthier and longer life.  Wellness is more than just avoiding sickness.  It is a set of choices that allow you to live a healthier, happier, more productive and satisfying life.  And it’s completely within your control.

Why choose wellness
People who choose wellness have high levels of energy, avoid illness, and are full of life.  They find satisfaction in everyday activities, are happier, and are able to function better as they get older.  Following lifestyle habits that increase wellness can help you live longer, have a higher quality of life, and enjoy physical, mental, and social health 
It’s not your fault 
You’re working against decades of bad information and bad advice.  You’re following a wellness plan that was 
made for the “average” person and there’s nothing average about you.  You’re unique and your program 
should be unique too.   
It’s time to get results 
We use a holistic approach to help you achieve your health, wellness, and weight-management goals.  
This includes a comprehensive treatment plan that considers your medical history, blood work and 
physical exam, current medications and therapies, your lifestyle, food preferences, short and long term 
goals, and what will help you achieve and maintain success.  We take time to unwind the years of bad 
advice you’ve been given and provide you with knowledge you need so that you’re not stuck following 
a prescribed meal plan that ultimately fails. 


Truvidity Wellness   

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