IV Therapy

Revitalize Your Well-being

Nutrient IV Therapy instantly replenishes, restores and revitalizes the natural balance of your bodily nutrients. The benefits of IV vitamin therapy are many! Because IV vitamin therapy bypasses this system, 100 percent absorption of the vitamins and minerals can be achieved. For this reason, vitamin IV therapy can correct micronutrient deficiencies. This improves the overall nutritional status of an individual, allowing for the relief of many symptoms. At Revived Vitality of Myrtle Beach we offer a huge variety of treatments to help you stay focused, energized and hydrated while strengthening your immune system and reducing inflammation.

Vitamin and Amino Acid Therapy

Energize Your Body

Vitamin and Amino Acids are the quintessential nutrients of sustenance, with a reputation for improving fitness and even lending a hand in healthy weight management. Amino acids are the singular components of proteins that serve as the fundamental building blocks of all the tissues in the body. Supplementing amino acids has been shown to address the unique needs of your health, including boosting athletic performance, improving sleep, aiding weight loss, and enhancing focus. Injectable amino acids offer superiority over tablets or pills to deliver targeted benefits to meet each patient’s individual needs. At Revived Vitality, we offer a wide variety of General and Lipotropic Injections along with Athletic Enhancement Injectables to rejuvenate your body.

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